Artist Name: Zef

Availability: Taking Appointments Now

Bio: Zef, has been tattooing for 4 1/2 years beginning his career in Ontario. With being interested in art from a young age, along with growing up around family that have tattoos this form of body art became a strong influence which led Zef back to Edmonton & here at Canadian Ink to advance his skills in this thriving industry.
Zef loves to work with black & grey. He found his niche here at Canadian Ink in a style called Polka Trash Art which he now specializes in.
When Zef isn’t at a drawing table or has a tattoo machine in his hand you can guarantee he will be at home with the family, cooking and laughing with the people that mean the most.

Check out the Canadian INK Tattoo Shop: Get a Tattoo in Edmonton.
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  1. Kalvin

    Hi, I had gotten a tattoo from you guys around this time last year. You had said that you do a free touch up, and I was wondering if I could book an appointment to come in. Preferably on a Friday night or weekend.
    Thanks, kalvin

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