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  1. Tom

    Hey Im interested in getting a Samoan tattoo on my wrist. I want it wrapping around my wrist. Any suggestions on how much time it would take? What are your hourly rates?

  2. jeanpaul

    hi im looking for work an would like to try being around tattooing as i love them. not any experience with tattoo guns but been in art for a few years in [ . . . removed . . . ]

    Currently finishing school Grade 12

    • Can you remove your personal information please.

  3. mark

    Milly. Thanks a ton for the persevere tat. Absolutely love it. I’ll be back for more. You really threw more into it than I thought of. Greatly appreciated.

  4. Do you do minor tattoos? (16) with parental consent

    • The answer is YES so long as the following conditions are met:

      1. A legal guardian with valid ID provides consent in-person, and
      2. The minor must also provide some sort of ID.

      Please keep in mind we reserve the right to use our discretion regarding tattooing minors and even if the above two conditions are met we still might not do it. The best thing to do is to come in with your parent and talk to us.

  5. Don’t put your phone number or contact information up for all to see 😛 Lol. My goodness kids. What are you learning in school?

  6. keith

    my Wife just came home from edmonton with a tattoo from the youngest of the artists and im sorry to say the ink was pounded way to deep and the shading unsatisfactory colour blending unsatisfactory as well. being guy covered in Traditional Japanese and script to my knuckles i know a thing or two about proper tattooing and im not impressed, im gonna have to take her to my artist to get it touched up…

    • Hello Keith,

      If you are not satisfied in any way we will make it right. Email and let us know which artist did the work. We will be in touch and look forward to making this right. As the owner of the Canadian Ink brand I have a 0-tolerance policy for bad tattoos and will sort this out.

  7. I RECOMMEND CANADIAN INK FOR TATTOO! Just finished a four hour session on my shoulder and am very happy with the results. Thank U Whitey! You ROCK! You have my permission to post the tattoo picture in the gallert.

  8. sam

    Thank you boys. New tattoo is awesome. LOVE IT XOXO

  9. keith

    wow thanks alot for the link ill send an email with pictures. i appreciate your help.

    • No problem. I will watch for your email. -Peter

  10. Jason

    I’m interested in getting a full sleeve done of a Japanese dragon, demons, and coyfish I’ve got some pictures. What is your rate?

    • Our rate is $165 and you should definitely talk to the artist about what you want. Make your way to our party this Saturday at 1 pm and have a hamburger too.

  11. Renee

    Im looking to get an ink blot style tattoo is there anyone in your shop that specializes in those?

    • Ink blot style? I am not sure. If you can, swing by and talk directly with the artists. I have never heard of that as a specialization, but I am sure either Curtis or Whitey have done many tattoos like that. (We are closed Monday’s so come Tuesday).

  12. Kerry

    Just wondering if any artist have experience with “gods armor” style tattoos or knotwork tattoos.

    • For sure. You will want to talk to Kitty so she can arrange a consult for you. Call the shop during operating hours.

  13. Roman

    Just had Whitey do my arm “Ghost Rider” . I love it! Good work and bunch in Canadian ink….. I’ll be back

  14. Jade

    So im looking to get a tattoo of an Octupus on my thigh i want it as a water coloured tattoo im just curious if you have a specific artist that does a lot of the “water colour” type of tattoos. also if i had my sister draw the tattoo for me and i brought in the picture would it be just as easy?

  15. Briana

    Im looking into getting ‘grandpa’ done in Ukrainian and also Roman numerals of the day he passed away. I know it’s pretty small but, is there anyone who is really good at smaller tattoos?

  16. Brittany

    I want to get a small number seven on the side of my wrist in roman numberials. How much would this cost? And is there any way you do walk ins for something this small? And who would you recommend?

  17. kitti

    Hello Brittany
    A small tattoo of this size would be $115.00 & yes we have walk in spaces available daily.

  18. Janine


    I’m hoping you may have an artist who suits my needs…

    I am interested in doing an all white tattoo, or one with slight shading. I’m also toying with the idea of doing a brown color that matches my freckles ish. I am drawn to the subtle designs and have done some research on the cons. I’ve been told that UV Black-light tattoos give a very similar subtle effect (in daylight) but have not seen any pictures of daylight ones to really know if this is true. Unfortunately, I have been unable to track down an artist. Let alone one that has done enough to know how to mix the right white for skin tones, and how to work with the type of ink. I would really like to hash out some ideas and see if what I want is even realistic. I am willing to travel anywhere, for a good artist, and am prepared to wait as long as I need to, because I want something I’ll enjoy, that is done right 🙂 Here a few examples of the stuff I like (I hope they are real lol) (this has black too) (this has red mixed)

    Do have or know of any artist that would be a good fit for me?
    Thanks so much 🙂

  19. Taisa

    Hi there, a good friend of mine recommended me to check this shop out after he got his tattoo done here. What are prices like? For the consultation, hourly, etc?

  20. Nicole

    Do you tattoo minor (15) with parental consult and parental relation? I’m aware that many places do 16, but it’s just a 2 inch cross on the upper rib cage.

  21. Ashley

    My fiance and I are looking for 2 small semicolons to be tattooed on my wrist and his foot, probably no bigger than 0.75 – 1.5 inches tall – what are your rates like and will we needs appts?

  22. Zef

    hey there janine,
    this is Zef, one of the artist at canadia ink. i do the uv inks that you are looking for. if you could come into the shop to talk that would better for us both to talk about the piece that you would like to get done.

  23. Jeremy

    Hi there, My name is Jeremy.

    I am not quite sure who to speak to (or message), but I have stumbled across the “Christian Tattoo” artists portion of this page. I am looking for a few Christian tattoo artists to help me and my wife design a few tattoos. We have a lot of ideas, but would like a Christian (above all else) tattoo artist to help us with our permanent ministry. If there is any admin on this page that reads this and can direct me as to where to go, I would greatly appreciate it.



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